Usability Consulting

A Pragmatic Approach to Usability

As a User Experience professional, I feel strongly that the ease-of-use of any software tool can be improved by applying the user-centered design process. 

However, I also know that the idea of adding an interaction designer/usability professional to your project from the beginning can seem both too time-consuming as well as too expensive. 

But there really are a wide-variety of options available for involving a UE consultant. Big or small, all of the approaches help ensure that your software tool, website or mobile app will present your users with a "Highly Usable UI".  

Contact me today to see how we can work together to turn potential user rants into user raves! 

Interested in getting an expert usability review of your project, tool, or website? Need to know how your product's design can be optimized to make it easy-to-use and satisfying for your users? Want to train your group in the basic principles of usability and user-centered design? 

For almost 20 years I worked as software developer in both higher education as well as the software industry, creating award-winning and highly usable software designs for desktop, web and mobile applications.  A complete list of my roles in both higher-education and the software industry can be found on my resume. 

My areas of expertise include Usability; Accessibility and U.S. Section 508 Compliance;  HCI; User Interaction Design; User Experience;  User-Centered Design Process. 

I am available to consult on projects anywhere in the world. I can also be engaged for speaking engagements or extended training sessions covering how to integrate basic aspects of the user-centered design process into any project's development cycle. Contact me for more details.

Recent: Invited Presentation: Usability for Scientific ApplicationsAUVIS Workshop. St. Augustin, Germany, 22-23 January 2015. 

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