Better Portraits

lee mcintyre quiet contemplation 2011

L. Lee McIntyre: Quiet Contemplation 2011

Go beyond the basics and learn how to take captivating portraits of people of all ages in this hands-on workshop with American photographer Lee McIntyre. Working with natural lighting, we'll focus on incorporating the personality of the subject into the image, whether it's a photo taken for fun or a slightly more formal pose. Learn tips and tricks for ways to play with framing, use angles and creative poses to enhance a mood, and more! All participants should be able to take a basic photo with their own camera before coming to class, but no other previous photographic knowledge or experience is required.

Offered in workshops from 1-10 people. Please contact me for information about scheduling and availability. 


Special Note: Offered periodically at the d.a.i.-Tübingen; see their schedule for more information. 


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