Beyond the Selfie!

lee mcintyre nice kitty?! 2014

"Nice Kitty?!" Lee McIntyre, 2014

Unleash your creativity and go beyond the selfie to photograph everything in the world around you. In this hands-on workshop, you'll learn tips, techniques and tricks used by the pros to take more intriguing images of anything: e.g., your friend dancing, water in a fountain, patterns in building, even better portraits of anyone, including yourself.  See the world through a photographer's eyes, and start documenting your life beyond a simple "selfie". 

Originally designed as a special workshop for ages 12-17,  the material and tips are can be adapted for any age, with any type of digital camera, from smart phones to dSLRs.  

Offered in workshops from 1-10 people. Please contact me for information about scheduling and availability. 


Special Note: Offered periodically at the d.a.i.-Tübingen; see their schedule for more information. 


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