Guest post on CheeseWeb

I am delighted to point you over today to the CheeseWeb website to check out my guest post about Bolzano:

 Today our guest contributor, Lee, shares a few of her not-to-be-missed places in Bolzano, a town in Northern Italy where she lived for several years. The town is also the setting for her lighthearted memoir, Life on a Gelato Diet: Everyday Expeditions with an American in Bolzano. Lee is offering CheeseWeb readers a chance to win a special prize in conjunction with the book, so read on!

Here’s a hint about the special prize:

Many, many thanks to Alison, the blogger/author/photographer behind CheeseWeb. Alison writes about food and travel and is also a superb photographer.  While you’re over on her site, be sure to check out some of her amazing photos of Belgium, Africa and beyond. She’s also got great tips about food, one of my favorite subjects. 🙂  Subscribe to CheeseWeb to get her weekly newsletter plus her spectacular guide to Belgium.

Of course,  don’t forget to read my post on CheeseWeb, for those tips on Bolzano and also for details on how to enter the contest!